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Hope & Spirit Productions

This videomaker offers a unique insight into the erotic aspects of desperation.
  • True Desperation I - Amateur watersports video
    • Katie and CJ Belle star in a video with real accidents resulting from tickling, pushing on the bladder, and other forms of exquisit torture to make each other pee!
  • True Desperation II Video - Amateur watersports video
    • Starring Katie, CJ Belle and Allanah, with guest appearance by Vicktoria from Patches' Place!  The video focuses on the interaction of four girls in a hotel room as they explore each others' boundaries, play games with each other and discover all of the fun and excitement of desperation play.
  • True Desperation III Video - Amateur watersports video
    • CJ Belle and Jada Martinez star as two girls who have been thrown together for a business trip - CJ, who has learned all sorts of ways to enjoy desperation play from her pal Katie, and Jada, who has absolutely no idea what she has gotten herself into!  This video contains 5 desperation scenes and builds anticipation in each one.
  • True Desperation IV Video - Amateur watersports video
    • This is the story of Lydia and Kathleen during their first visit to New York City.  Even more than the first three videos in the series, the focus in on REAL desperation - the models are not just acting - they really are about to burst in every scene!  This is Hope & Spirit's first 90 minute video, expanded because of an incredible 45 minute Desperation game, shown almost in its entirety from start to ACTUAL finish!  This video stars National Fetish Superstars Lydia McLane and Kathleen Kamden!
  • True Desperation V Video - Amateur watersports video
    • Starring National Fetish Superstars Krissy, Lydia McLane, Kathleen Kamden, Katie and Allanah!  The fifth in a unique series of videos from Hope & Spirit Productions, it begins by continuing the story of Lydia and Kathleen during their first visit to New York City, and then follows Krissy's trip to the home of Katie & Allanah.  As usual, we focus in on REAL desperation - the models are not just acting - they really are about to burst in every scene!  In this 60 minute video, we present ELEVEN exciting scenes, starring Krissy playing with friends old and new!
  • True Desperation VI Video - Amateur watersports video
    • In this, the sixth video in a unique series from Hope & Spirit Productions, we go to the home of CJ Belle, who in previous True Desperation episodes has learned how to appreciate the desperation fetish from her friends.  Now she's on her own, with a stunningly beautiful new sub named Alisha Angel, who is hers to command for the weekend.  We will focus in on CJ's more sophisticated side, as she leads Alisha through all of the ways of enjoying the fetish, and we'll watch as Alisha learns, and enjoys.
  • True Desperation VII - Amateur watersports video
    • In Hope & Spirit's second 90-minute production, we present a special video containing 9 scenes, most of which were inspired by viewer feedback over the last year!  Alisha visits Kathleen and Krissy at Krissy's apartment in NYC, ready to share her adventure with CJ a few weeks prior.  But of course, Kathleen and Krissy, now good friends and well-versed in the desperation fetish are more than ready for her and the three girls have a great weekend of fun, including an exciting 40-minute three-way contest to see who can hold it the longest!
  • True Desperation VIII - Amateur watersports video
    • We follow Alisha Angel And Kathleen Kamden to Seattle, where they meet up with Samantha St. James.  Sam has never tried being desperate before, so Angie and Kathleen show her what its all about through 7 scenes of the video.  Two bonus scenes are included, starting with a hilarious skit featuring Angie on a technical support call with a full bladder, and ending with Sam trying by herself to hold her pee as long as she can while talking to the camera.  This 75 minute video is then capped off with the trailer for the most ambitious Hope & Spirit project ever: True Desperation IX: Reality Check!
  • True Desperation IX: Reality Check - Amateur watersports video
    • Reality Check is a 120 minute video that offers something that has never been done before.  Juliette is tied to a bed in what she thinks will be a bondage video and has no idea she is the subject of a desperation video.  Eventually she reaches the point where she can not hold her pee any longer and has an embarrassing accident in the bed by wetting her pants.  There are other scenes as well with Alisha Angel and Samantha St. James.
  • True Desperation X - Amateur watersports video - Available on DVD in NTSC format DVD
    • It’s been over a year since Hope & Spirit Productions filmed anything new and now they're back in the saddle with this latest release featuring Alisha Angel, Erika Kole and Princess Kali.  Alisha introduces desperation play to Erika while you watch, and Erika is so intrigued by it that she insists on doing it herself after Alisha is gone.  We also introduce Kali, who does two marvelous solo scenes for us and will be appearing in future videos.
  • True Desperation XI - Amateur watersports video - Available on DVD in NTSC format DVD
    • Erika Kole returns in this new release from Hope & Spirit Productions and she is accompanied by two new girls, Heaven and Madison Young.  See what happens when the girls get so desperate that they can't hold their pee any longer.


Some of the Hope & Spirit videos are available for download.  See the complete list here.

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