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Northstar Productions
  • Erika Kole- Available on DVD DVD
    • See Erika bound and gagged by a female fugitive until she wets herself!  Then watch an interview with Erika and witness another test of her endurance!  Bonus scenes of just jeans wetting are added at the end.
  • Christina Adam- Available on DVD DVD
    • Watch Christina as an insurance investigator wet herself while on a case!  Then see her overcome with desperation while acting as a Real Estate agent who is showing houses to a client.
  • Accidents Will Happen- Available on DVD DVD
    • A compilation of 34 wetting scenes from 8 different girls in 63 minutes!
  • Just Made It 1- Available on DVD DVD
    • A compilation of 18 peeing scenes from 10 different girls in 55 minutes!
  • Just Made It 2- Available on DVD DVD
    • A compilation of 15 peeing scenes from 9 different girls in 52 minutes!
  • Naked Desperation 3- Available on DVD DVD NEW!
    • Watch nude girls pee au natural after becoming so desperate they can’t hold their pee any longer!  There are 8 different girls in this 74 minute video.
  • Permission to Pee 7 & 8- Available on DVD DVD NEW!
    • This combo of Permission to Pee 7 & 8 offers scenes from 4 different girls in almost 90 minutes where each girl has to get permission from another contestant before she can pee just a small cupful of pee!


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