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How to Contact Flo and Ann

We bought Patches' Place in mid-August 2012.  Shortly after that, we set up email addresses and a new mailing address to have contact with our visitors, friends, and customers.  As the years have gone by, fewer and fewer customers sent orders and payment by mail.  We recognized that our customers were increasingly comfortable with using their credit cards to order products online rather than sending orders and payments by mail.  In addition to convenience, customers could get their orders quicker since we ship orders the same day we receive or on the next day.  So, as of December 2022 we have decided to close our physical mailbox and only process orders we receive online that are paid only with a credit card through our Online Order Form.

If you are new to our website, you may wonder how you can trust a business which offers no physical mailing address or phone number.  We all know that Internet fraud is on the increase and one of the key warning signs that a scammer may be behind a fake website is that no street address or phone number appears anywhere on the website.  Despite the removal of this information, we have a solid reputation. Not only has our business offered quality products since 1995 and reshipped any orders that customers don't receive but you can ask any of our customers who often hang out on the Wet Set Public Forums about our reputation.  We are definitely legit!

Plus you can contact us through our email addresses at and but please do not abuse our email addresses.

You can think of us like the two faces of Janus with one of us looking forward to the future and the other one looking back to the past so we can build upon it.

~ Flo Moore and Ann Yuresis ~


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