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  • Jorana 1 - Amateur watersports video
    • This first video from Jorana runs 60 minutes and features Sean and Tina in a series of scenes that include wet pants, wet panties, desperation, and golden showers.
  • Jorana 2 - Amateur watersports video
    • This second Jorana video stars Sean who is back to provide plenty of desperation, golden showers, hissing noises, naked peeing, and accidents.
  • Jorana 3 - Amateur watersports video
    • The third Jorana video stars Sean and Becky and runs 60 minutes.  Sean is back from earlier videos and provides 9 great golden shower scenes and more scenes of wetting her pants and panties.  Becky is a black newcomer who knows how to strut her stuff while putting on a sexy wet show in 4 solo scenes.
  • Jorana 4 - Amateur watersports video
    • The fourth Jorana video stars two new girls, Jorana and Melanie, and runs 60 minutes.  It features more interaction and more erotic activity!  All scenes include 2 or more people providing more sexy dialog, more peeing, and more sexual activity.  Mike, the cameraman, gets in on the wet fun too and makes you wish you were there to participate in the golden showers that these girls love to give and receive.
  • Jorana 5 - Amateur watersports video
    • The fifth Jorana video stars Jorana and Melanie as they provide more turn ons as they enjoy their sexy, wet activities.  Mike, the cameraman, joins the fun in golden showers, desperation, sex toys, and sexual frolics.
  • Jorana 6 - Amateur watersports video
    • The sixth Jorana video stars three new girls, Cassie, Shannon and Sue.  It runs 60 minutes and offers bondage, pee drinking, and golden showers.  You will wish you were there with the girls or better yet, you will wish the girls could come to your house!
  • Jorana 7 - Amateur watersports video
    • The seventh video stars Cassie, Shannon and Sue in more wet adventures that will turn you on.  A cheerleader wetting her panties, a pee fountain, and more sexy golden showers are just a part of what you will see in these sexy escapades.
  • Jorana 8 - Amateur watersports video
    • Introducing Hayley, the classic girl next door.  Hayley is slim and beautiful, and takes you on a delightful romp in 12 sexy scenes.  She talks to you throughout, tells you how turned on she gets by releasing herself, and in 3 scenes pretends you are her daddy and begs you to let her pee on you!
  • Jorana 9 - Amateur watersports video
    • In Jorana 9, Cindy and Jorana discover they have a mutual love of pee.  Six of the hottest non-stop scenes of pants wetting, girl sex, golden showers scenes ever, plus the type of hot sexy talk from the girls that you all love.
  • Jorana 10 - Amateur watersports video
    • Jorana 10 continues in the same vein as Jorana 9, with Cindy and Jorana peeing on each other and in each other's mouth and hair.  At the end of volume 10, there is a sampler of scenes from Jorana's volumes one through eight, so new viewers can see all of Jorana's models in action.
  • Jorana 11 - Amateur watersports video NEW!
    • Jorana 11 features Alicia, Dani, and Jess in their first ever wet video.  Watch these three young American beauties pee on themselves and each other.  An amazing twenty-five scenes of hot wet fun with great dialogue from start to finish!



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