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PIAS Magazine Ad PIAS knows how to get attention and customers using emotional appeal in their advertizing!  NOTE: You won't find this picture on their Web site - it is from a magazine ad!
  Peeing in a diving suit while SCUBA diving can be a problem for some girls.  Thanks to the Internet, step by step instructions are available for plunging into these waters as well!
Toilet Refrigerator Magnet For the person who has everything, there is a magnet to put on your refrigerator in the shape of a toilet.  The seat can even be raised and the toilet will flush with a sound of water going down the drain when you push the handle.  Can you think of any friends who would love one of these to post notes on their refrigerator?
Man sleeping in wet pants Poor Jerry!  His friends have played the old “hand in the water trick” on him while he was sleeping.  Not only that -- they got a picture of him after he wet his pants!  Then they added some humor in a parody of the “for everything else there is MasterCard” commercial.  Now Jerry is the poster boy for the oldest college prank in the book!
Adidas Ad in Aussie Newspaper The January 31, 2000 edition of “The Age,” a Melbourn, Australia newspaper, contained an Adidas flyer with an ad shown at the left.  If Adidas is using watersports in ads, we can't wait to see Nike's ad in response to Adidas.  Can you imagine the picture Nike will use in their “Just do it!” campaign?!
Ad for Eyewire Eyewire is a distributor of photos, illustrations, clip art, video, and fonts. Their recent ads running in several magazines illustrates their creativity and perhaps their interest in watersports!  Do you suppose the picture on the monitor screen is close up of what is happening at the bottom of the urinal?
  Scientific research into watersports aboard the MIR spacestation has led to this important discovery: “We have also taken huge leaps in our understanding of the patterns created when one wets his pants in the weightlessness of space,” Solovyov said.  “The urine spreads out in an expanding sphere, something we did not expect.”
Dutch newspaper cartoon This cartoon appeared in a Dutch regional newspaper in early May 1997.  It shows a view from the back of a person peeing on a piece of paper.  The words on the paper say “Proposal to unite the Netherlands with Flanders” (the Dutch part of Belgium) which may be humorous to the Dutch but what is really humorous to everyone is the pose of the cartoon character which at first sight seems male except “he” is wearing an old Dutch style woman's hat which would only be worn by a woman.  You may be familiar with the shape of this hat because it is a common symbol used in Holland's international marketing campaigns for cheese, milk, tulips, etc.  At Patches' Place, we think the artist has been eating too many poppy seeds in Flander's fields or else he or she is someone who likes watersports and feels that women ought to pee while standing up.
Animal Instincts Someone had a birthday and they sent me a card!  Actually, it was a card that someone sent them for their birthday and they wanted to share it with me.  So I decided to share it with the world.  Happy Birthday, everyone!
Dutch newspaper cartoon  Dutch newspaper cartoon We were too busy to properly celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17.  However, seeing all those green shamrocks and leprechauns made us wish all those would be Irish well wishers would do a real “River Dance!”  So, we are launching a counter-celebration to the “wearin' o' the green” with a tribute to the “House of Orange.”  To help us, we have Jenny McCarthy with a “wearin' o' the orange.”  (But we really think Jenny's ad for Candie's shoes is a pre-emptive parody on Hustler's parody of Dorito's Fat Free Corn Chips!)
  Celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Girl Scouts by buying the Peanut Butter Patty Cookies.  You will find an interesting testimonial to Girl Scouting with this quotation on the box: “I just LOVE water sports!  Our teachers are complete pros!  Jamila and I actually synchronized our strokes.  We did the whole length of the pool on our backs.  Girl Scout camp is the greatest!”
  Ok, everyone is packed in the theatre and the play is just about to start.  When out of the far corner comes the dreaded cry... “I gotta go wee!”  The objective of this puzzle is to get the white knight up to the exit square....  Well, that is the goal for solving this puzzle but at Patches' Place, we wonder why the “white knight” is the one who has gotta go instead of being the one who helps the fair maiden in distress?
computer whiz Discover a new meaning for the term computer whiz.
birthday card Tinker sent me a birthday card but we won't tell whose birthday it might be.  What we will tell you is the picture on the front of the card has not been changed except to reduce its size.  It appears to us that Tinker has “Pi-Pi envy.”  Newcomers to Patches' Place won't have a clue what any of this means but you may find some clues as you look around our Web site.
graduation card A graduation card was received from Big Apple, who has written several watersports stories, and we thought everyone would enjoy seeing the picture on the front of the card which symbolizes the opportunities we face in today's job market.
  And what would you do after making a trip to Visit Pee Pee Village Island?

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