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True Desperation X

It’s been over a year since Hope & Spirit Productions filmed anything new and now they're back in the saddle with this latest release!  Featuring Alisha Angel, we introduce Erika Kole and Princess Kali to our extensive cast of beautiful models for this new video, True Desperation X.  Alisha introduces desperation play to Erika while you watch, and Erika is so intrigued by it that she insists on doing it herself after Alisha is gone.  We also introduce Kali, who does two marvelous solo scenes for us and will be appearing in future videos.

Download the True Desperation X Trailer


Scene One

In this scene, Alisha tells all about her last year, including how she had a baby and some accidents she has had.  While she talks to us, poor Erika Kole, who has drunk more liquid than you’d think a beginner would, squirms and fidgets next to her, eventually telling Alisha she’s just going to burst.  And then it is just completely uncontrollable - watch as she floods her jeans!



Scene Two
Now that Erika is intrigued, Alisha obliges her by getting herself to the point of desperation, and we watch Alisha squirm while she stands, much to Erik’s fascination.  Erika will tickle and prod, and eventually, Alisha is just going to explode in HER jeans!


Scene Three
Alisha now wants to play with Erika in a somewhat more intimate way, so she has her spread her legs in cute pink bottoms while she deperately needs to pee, and we see Alisha push down on her bladder repeatedly and tickle her and generally get her to the point where it’s going to come out no matter what!


Scene Four
Payback time, and Erika holes Alisha up in a small closet, wearing a short skirt with nothing under it...and oh BOY does Alisha need to pee.  When Erika tells her to spread her legs for the camera, it will only be a few more seconds before Alisha gushes uncontrollably while Erika watches!


Scene Five
This time Alisha can’t help herself – she has to play with Erika when she has a full bladder.  Alisha makes Erika cum hard!  After she does, Erika still has to go really bad, and they decide they want to see just how strong an arc Erika can produce.  It is only seconds before it HAS to come out, and we watch along with Alisha as Erika creates a huge, strong arc of pee!


Scene Six
Now Alisha has a surprise for Erika – bright red crushed velvet pants!  Alisha is quite desperate and these tight pants, which show off every stunning detail, are going to get soaked in short order.


Scene Seven
Alisha introduces us to Pricness Kali.  In this first scene, Kali is outside the bathroom door, begging to get in, and there is just no way she’s going to hold it for any significant amount of time.  Watch her squirm outside the door and eventually lose it while she’s waiting.


Scene Eight
Now Kali addresses the camera directly.  Watch as she slowly strips out of her top to reveal her stunning body, all the while trying desperately to hold it in.  She tells us exactly how it feels when the first drop comes out, and shortly after that, the pants are history!


Scene Nine
Erika explains how much she loves her new fetish.  She sits completely desperate in her skimpy little top and cute little tight terrycloth shorts.  She doesn’t have a whole lot of control to begin with, and the pressure is just too much for her.  Soon her shorts are wet and the floor is flooded!


Scene Ten
Now Erika is really excited, and she wants us to film her in an extreme closeup when she is absolutely bursting.  She sits (carefully) and slowly opens her legs; it is only seconds before she MUST let it out, and the camera will show it coming right out of her peehole for a good minute!


Scene Eleven
Once Erika saw her pee coming right out of her peehole, she was extremely horny and she decided to masturbate for the camera.  But first, she has to pee again, and once she gets herself excited, there is no way she’s going to hold it in – so she pees all over the bed, and then makes herself cum while she’s sitting in the puddle of pee!


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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