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True Desperation XI
Erika Kole returns in this new release from Hope & Spirit Productions and she is accompanied by two new girls, Heaven and Madison Young.  This movie runs just over 40 minutes and it is offered at a reduced price of $35.00 because it is shorter.  Plus you can also get a $5.00 discount if you purchase more than one movie at the same time or have bought a Hope & Spirit movie previously!


Scene One
Erika Kole is back in this video, and in the first scene, she is introducing desperation play to her friend Heaven.  She gives Heaven a huge bottle of water and tells her to drink the whole thing.  Heaven dubiously agrees.  She checks in on her several times as we watch Heaven's bladder fill to the bursting point.  Erika tickles her and pokes her bladder, until finally Heaven can't hold it anymore; she squats and pees for a over a minute on the carpet!


Scene Two
Now it's Erika's turn.  We find her standing in soft beige pants, already bouncing up and down and completely desperate.  Heaven comes along and begins tickling her, and poor Erika can't hold it for more than 30 seconds before she bursts in the pants creating a great wet spot all the way down her leg.


Scene Three
Heaven is still learning about desperation play, and in this scene, Erika has to pee really badly and is wearing a tiny black skirt.  Heaven has her sit down and spread her legs, and produces a toothpick.  Erika holds her lips open and Heaven begins poking her all around her peehole until she finally lets loose.  We get to watch the whole thing close up.


Scene Four
Once again, Erika is bursting to pee, and this time, there is absolutely no doubt that she has seconds before she literally explodes on a bench in a massive shower of pee while Heaven watches, fascinated.


Scene Five
In this scene we find Erika on the phone talking to her old friend Angie, while wearing soft red velvet pants.  They are discussing Christmas presents, and it is obvious that Erika has to pee after being on the phone for quite a long time.  Soon she has to put her hand between her legs and scrunch up and we watch her squirm while Angie tells her to hold it in.  Angie instructs her to stand up and finally nature takes its course and we Erika let loose and soak the pants.


Scene Six
Erika's doorbell rings, and she finds a most pleasant surprise: There is a girl sitting outside her door (Madison Young) who insists that she is Erika's servant.  Erika brings her inside and immediately calls Angie, who verifies that indeed, this is her Christmas present to Erika.  Erika, completely baffled has no clue what to do with her.  Madison asks Erika for permission to pee, and it suddenly becomes crystal clear.  Erika instructs her to stand up and hold it in.  Madison is wearing a short black skirt and soon enough we find pee dripping down her bare legs as Erika watches in amusement.


Scene Seven
Erika is laying in bed waiting for Madison to clean up.  Madison lies down next to her, and this time Erika begins peeling away clothing and playing with Madison's body.  Then she opens Madison's legs and gives her a massive orgasm while we watch.


Scene Eight
Later in the day, Erika sits on the couch as Madison walks over to her wearing jeans and hopping.  Madison tells Erika exactly how much she needs to pee, and Erika watches as Madison tries to hold it in as long as possible.  It's not long before she absolutely floods the jeans!


Scene Nine
Still later, Erika finds Madison desperate again, and she's back in her little black skirt.  This time, Erika has Madison lie down on the floor, and she gently pokes Madison's bladder.  Madison squeals in protest not to do that, and Erika gets more and more persistent.  We watch Madison squirm and struggle with her legs spread for the camera while Erika pushes down, and eventually, she pushes the pee right out from between Madison's lips.


Running Time: 42 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $35.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
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