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March 2014 Archive News at Patches' Place

March 27, 2014

Video descriptions for Pee Medley Volume 15, Pee Medley Volume 16, and Pee Medley Volume 17 from Project Pee are now online.  These can be ordered by credit card or by sending your payment in the mail.  We expect to be adding the video descriptions for I Need 2 Pee 31 and 32 by the first week of April.  We are also expecting a new DVD from HD Wetting in early April. It is going to be a wet spring in the northern hemisphere (or a wet fall in the southern hemisphere)!


March 26, 2014

We are now able to accept credit card charges again.  You can place orders using Visa, Mastercard, Diners, or Discover.  Since we had to change banks in order to process charges on cards in addition to Visa, there is a new name which will appear on your credit card statements for any orders you charge.  Your credit card will be billed discretely in the name of TW Latin America *  We will be updating our printable order forms with this new information as quickly as possible.


March 17, 2014

The latest DVD and Blu-ray from Hightide is Teacher’s Wet Pet.  It will still be a few more days before we can process purchases by credit card while we are switching to a new bank but you can still order by sending payment with your order by mail.


March 16, 2014

We have just added the video description pages for Sneaky Pee 40, Sneaky Pee 41, and Sneaky Pee 42.  At the moment, you cannot purchase them online with a credit card because we are switching our billing system to a new bank.  However, you can either wait a few days until we have our credit card billing working again or you can send your order by mail with your payment.  Sneaky Pee ships all DVD orders in NTSC and PAL formats directly from the UK in a plain package.


March 15, 2014

Our online billing is “offline” again but this time it is our decision and not something that has happened to us.  We only had credit card processing through Visa and this has been temporarily disabled so we can move to a different billing gateway that will offer the opportunity to charge orders through Mastercard, Diners, and Discover as well as Visa.  Once the new billing system is fully tested, credit card billing for orders will resume. We anticipate this will only take a few days and we apologize for any inconvenience.  In the meantime, most of the videos we offer (except for downloads) can be ordered by regular mail when you include your payment with your order.


March 10, 2014

We discovered that our online Hightide order form had not been updated to show that credit card charges could be processed again.  This has been corrected and all Hightide video description pages now have a correct link to the Hightide secure order form.  All printable order forms for the video producers we represent have been updated to show that we can only process Visa credit cards right now and that the charges will be billed in the name of Heathybuy 8009280290.


March 9, 2014

The glitches with the new credit card processing on the secure order form page which caused some orders to be declined when they should have been approved has now been corrected.  The billing is still for Visa only at the moment but we are working to get Mastercard added as quickly as possible and some other credit cards as well. Please note that any orders you place will be discretely billed in the name of Heathybuy 8009280290 instead of Zampala-Online or Inet-Cash which were the names that previously appeared on your credit card statements.


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