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Patches Revisited 2 - Scenes from Patches 12 and 13
This video contains scenes which were originally part of Patches 12 and 13.  The original Patches 12 and 13 videos are no longer available.  Included are scenes by Cassidy, Jennifer, Jessica, and Saber.

NOTE: This video was not originally released on DVD because the master was misplaced and only discovered when all the assets of Patches Place were sold to Piss Media.  The scene descriptions below are the ones originally written by Patches.  The pictures for each scene are newly captured from the original master.  You can click on any picture to see a larger version.  This video description page has been completely reformatted to reflect the website changes that have been made since the VHS tape was offered.  It is being released on DVD in June 2013 and runs 60 minutes.


Scene One
Jennifer and Cassidy are sitting on a couch trying to find something they haven’t peed on yet.  They settle on a new coffee table.  Jennifer goes first with a nice flood in her tight shorts standing with one foot up on the table.  They talk about the differences between "quick-release" floods versus slower pees.  Cassidy then pees her white tights on the other coffee table while Jennifer steadies her to keep her from falling.


Scene Two
Cassidy has a crazy idea of playing like a monkey in a tree.  Saber joins her and is sitting on a different tree limb on the opposite side of a path in the woods.  Jennifer and Jessica decide to stay on the ground and watch.  Jessica is elected to go down the path and watch for any hikers who might be coming through so she can let them know not to come this way because a “rain forest” is ahead on the path!  Cassidy sits on the limb of her tree and slowly lets her pee flow through her jeans.  While she is peeing, Jennifer announces that someone is coming up the path from the other direction.  The scene had to be cut before they reached the location where Cassidy was peeing.


Scene Three
Jessica is seated on the toilet with the top down.  She is wearing just her panties and a “I Love Wet Patches” t-shirt.  Cassidy suggests that she should just let her pee go right there!  Jessica then pees her textured green panties with sighs of relief as her pee runs through her panties, to the edge of the toilet seat, and then around it so you hear it trickling into the toilet!


Scene Four
Cassidy and Jennifer are sitting on a cliff at the edge of the woods near a pond and discussing where to pee.  Jennifer prepares to pee her jeans shorts over the edge of the hill but can’t go.  Cassidy goes instead with a standing pee through her panties.  She pulls her dress up into her crotch so that it also gets wet.


Scene Five
Jennifer and Cassidy are sitting on a balcony.  Cassidy tries to talk Jennifer into wetting her pants while sitting on the edge of the balcony but she is afraid of falling off.  Finally she stands on the edge of the balcony and floods her tight jean shorts in this position in a great glistening flood as the lights reflect off the extremely soaked fabric.  Cassidy then wets her panties in a similar position and the camera angle from the first floor gives good views of their wet crotches.


Scene Six
Cassidy is in the woods waiting for Jennifer to show up so she can pee with her but she can’t wait so she squats and pees right there in her panties.


Scene Seven
Cassidy, Jessica and Jennifer are in the woods.  Cassidy is in a hurry to pee so she drops her shorts and wets her blue panties while standing.  She pulls her shorts back up and then Jessica wets her jeans.  This is a standing flood, with most of the pee going down the back of her loose jeans.  Jennifer is wearing her brown "Rockys" jeans and she plays with herself a bit before flooding while leaning back against a fallen tree.  She then turns around and bends over to show (and shake) her wet butt.  Cassidy then rewets her panties on the log.  She ends up with nicely wet panties, and some good butt shots.


Scene Eight
Cassidy brings Jennifer to the laundry room.  Her idea is to wet their pants into the washer.  Jennifer is wearing overalls and Cassidy two-tone jeans.  Jennifer acts reluctant, but is easily talked into it.  She wets her pants sitting on the edge of the washer with one leg up, then she moves to be squatting above it and finishes the flood, running her hands over the wet spot while peeing.  Cassidy then squats over the washer and pees her jeans.  She remarks how she likes the erotic properties of these tight jeans.  She also farts while wetting her jeans and in the process blows a "pee bubble" on the crotch of her jeans.


Scene Nine
Cassidy, Jennifer, Jessica and Saber are in the woods looking for a place to pee.  They choose a place on a hill and Jennifer goes first.  She does a sitting flood in her tight jeans.  Saber is next and does a squatting flood of her jean shorts.  Jessica then does a standing jeans flood with lots of inspection of the wet patches afterwards.  Cassidy finishes the scene by wetting her jean shorts.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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