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I Need 2 Pee Video 33
You know you love it!  “I Need 2 Pee 33” features 16 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 135 minutes of beautiful sexy girls wetting themselves just for you!  Katie Morgan, Angie Noir, and Whitney Morgan are new girls in this video and they all add new sexy interest to your pants wetting enjoyment.  Along with the regulars from I Need 2 Pee, they offer 2 hours and 15 minutes of wetting accidents.

A video trailer will be added soon.


Scene One
Candi Apple, aka Kadie, is tied up to a tree, wearing white short shorts and visble panty lines as she begs to be let go as she needs to pee!  She’s denying all accusations made to her which frustrates her captive so much that she tickles poor Candi as she struggles in desperation.  She is doing the pee pee dance and she’s squeeling in total desperation.  She’s helpless to stop her pee from flowing into her shorts!


Scene Two
Candle Boxx is locked out of her house today so she comes over to where you are BBQing in the backyard to ask if she could use your bathroom while waiting for her mom to get home!  She’s super desperate to pee in the tight cheerleader uniform with matching socks and panties.  She’s doing the pee pee dance when she crouches down and starts apologizing as she totally pisses her panties all over.  It’s a nice clear view of her spread legs as the loud stream of hot piss makes a big puddle!


Scene Three
Super sexy Sinn Sage loves holding her full bladder for you and pulling up her pants to reveal her cameltoe as she does the pee pee dance!  She’s so hot while desperate and you witness a big gusher as she loses bladder control and wets herself happily.  She peels off her soaked pants and teases you rubbing her pissy wet panties in your face!


Scene Four
I was driving Brookelynne Briar back to hotel after shooting scenes and got caught in heavy traffic.  She had drank so much water for our earlier scenes so we decided to just shoot what she was already wearing: lace panties, skirt and sexy high boots.  She was dying to go but we still had to film the lead up so this desperation is so real as she wets outside.


Scene Five
Katie Morgan needs to walk from the parking garage into work... simple right?  Not when you have a bursting bladder and are on the verge of wetting yourself for the last 30 minutes while stuck in traffic.  With all the crotch grabbing and crossed legs, she can’t help but wet her white cotton panties on ther stairs as someone is walking by!  Oops!


Scene Six
Star Nine is your college teacher and she’s stuck in the room with you yahoos as you take your test.  You see her looking uncomfortable and squirming under her desk... maybe teacher is desperate to pee!  She paces around and starts writing on whiteboard when all of a sudden she tells you to turn around and don’t look at her because she is pissing her khaki pants with VPL and it’s running all down her legs.  She’s so embaressed she just pissed herself in class when another teacher walks in and sees the damage.


Scene Seven
Pornstar Sinn Sage stumbles into your store, already panting and grabbing her crotch asking for a restroom.  But fortunately your co-worker is using the 1 toilet so Sinn does the pee pee dance for as long as she can before hobbling to bathrooms but it’s still occupied.  She starts pissing her jeans uncontrollably in tears of defeat.


Scene Eight
Brookelynne Briar stumbles home on the brink of pissing her super skin tight jeans!  She teases you with crotch grabbing and a sexy pee pee dance until she loses all control as pee gushes into her jeans in relief!  She enjoys teasing you and encourage you to play with yourself as she tells you desperation stories while teasing you relentlessly


Scene Nine
Sexy euro MILF Angie Noir is struggling to hold her pee in while stumbling up the stairs trying to make it to the toilets!  She’s got a heavy euro accent and slim but curvy legs in her tight gray jeans doing the pee pee dance.  Once she makes it to the bathroom her pee starts coming out and streaks all the way down her legs!


Scene Ten
Star Nine is walking home with you after lunch but she really should’ve peed after all those iced teas.  It’s worse than she thought as her bladder fills fast but she toughs it out, walking quickly until she feels a spurt into her panties!  She freezes in shame as she totally pees her light pants, making huge streaks all the way down into her shoes.


Scene Eleven
Katie Morgan’s walking home, taking a shortcut through the residential area but her bladder is about to give!  She’s trying her best to hold on and NOT wet her high rise jeans in public.  But she really can’t wait another second and it starts pouring out into her light blue jeans, soaking both legs down to her high heel shoes.


Scene Twelve
Sexy Star Nine is stumbling home in the morning, wearing a party dress and sexy sheer panties with a garter and white stockings.  She’s giggly and desperate as she makes her way to bathrooms, plopping down on the toilet, not realising her panties are still on.  She pees through her panties while giggling and gets naked!


Scene Thirteen
Patches’ Place Georgia is at your house and she’s been holding her full bladder for awhile now.  Her low rise jeans show how slim and in shape she is plus how skin tight those jeans really are.  You can see her hard nipples in her thin white tank top as she does the pee pee dance for you, crossing legs tightly and grabbing her crotch.  She’s begging to pee and finally loses bladder control as her pee trickles all the way down her light denim and soaks into her white socks, puddling on the floor.


Scene Fourteen
Whitney Morgan’s been holding her pee just for you, pulling up her stretch pants to show her tight cameltoe as she gives you closeup of her crotch while peeing her skin tight pants!  She sighs in relief as it pours out, then teases you with pissy soaked panties and pees in those again as well!  Enjoy her sexy talk and while watching her pissed crotch.


Scene Fifteen
Teen Addie Juniper is locked out of her house, while wearing white cotton panties and a short plaid skirt looking cute and trendy.  She calls her mom but it’ll be awhile so she tries to wait it out.  She starts leaking pee into her panties and then totally pees right through them.  She shows the damage, her panties are sheer and pissy at the end!


Scene Sixteen
Kenna Valentina and her mom (older MILF in her late 40’s) are struggling up the stairway as the elevator is broken.  Kenna can barely keep it together, grabbing her crotch when she starts leaking into her thin cotton capris!  Mom tries to console her but she keeps peeing herself in embarrassment.  Mom and Kenna make it home and mom gets her pants off in time to sit on toilet to let it all hiss out loudly.


Behind the Scenes
Watch impromptu scenes of the girls after their video shoot as they change out of their wet clothes and tell you about their experiences and what it was like to wet themselves.


Running Time: 135 minutes
Available on DVD
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