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I Need 2 Pee Video 32
You know you love it!  “I Need 2 Pee 32” features 16 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 136 minutes of wonderful, desperate, and sexy girls as they wet themselves just for you!  Newcomers Star Nine, Addie Juniper, and Lucky O’Shea join the regulars from INeed2Pee in glorious wetting scenes that are very arousing!  Not only do you get 136 minutes of content on this DVD but you get an inside peek on the girls as they change clothes after their scenes as they tell you about their experiences!

An I Need 2 Pee 32 Trailer will be added soon.


Scene One
Sinn Sage is super desperate on the brink of explosion! She couldn’t wait and rushed to the bathroom but the zipper of her high rise tight jeans are stuck.  You can hear it hissing out loudly as she pisses her jeans over the toilet and the pee fills up her black leather boots too!  She shows off her wet jeans and gives her great story in the Behind The Scenes segment.


Scene Two
Star Nine is driving with a bursting bladder (you can tell in the videos) in a skin tight denim dress, cowboy hat and cotton panties underneath.  She starts leaking so she pulls over in the desert and sighs in relief as she takes the longest piss of her life!  It really is a long pee closeup and then she takes off her panties to use as toilet paper!


Scene Three
Addie Juniper offers you a real female desperation scene.  She’s your girlfriend and gets home super desperate to pee but she knows how you LOVE seeing her with a full bladder doing the pee pee dance until she can’t hold it anymore!  She squirms, fidgets, grabs her crotch, rubs her pussy and then starts leaking hot pee into her blue jeans.  She wets her jeans in 3 different positions on the floor with nice wet closeups!


Scene Four
Very realistic scene where Brookelynne Briar is super desperate to pee and starts leaking piss gradually down a hotel hallway until her pants are SOAKED.  Then on the toilet, she pees the rest through her tight tan pants and peels off the pissy pants to tease you good!  Excellent realism in this one with Brookelynne gasping and talking... very sexy!


Scene Five
Kadie is stuck in a tree since she’'s terrified of heights!  She’s wearing tight pink yoga pants and really should’ve peed before she went up to save the family cat!  She tries her best to hold in her piss but her fright and desperation wins.  She ends up peeing her pants and she’s very embaressed!  She couldn’t hold on!  Then she shows wet panties.


Scene Six
New girl next door Lucky O’Shea is very unlucky after she goes out the back door only to get lockedout by accident!  She’s wearing tight business slacks and heels.  Her poor bladder is bursting so she can’t even stand straight!  She’s cold and desperate as she starts pissing herself uncontrollably.  She soaks herself in shame.  See the very nice Behind The Scenes of her!


Scene Seven
Special guest star Georgia from Patches’ Place is stuck on the BBQ while everyone runs to the store!  She doesn’t want the food to burn but her bladder is about to burst.  She does the desperate pee pee dance in public while there’s people around but suddenly, she’s pissing her panties, pantyhose and denim skirt in full view!


Scene Eight
Lucky O’Shea needs to stop jogging as her bladder is way too full and the bouncing isn’t helping either.  She tries to hobble home but stops dead in her tracks as she starts uncontrollably pissing her tight grey yoga pants outside in the sand.  Lucky couldn’t even wait for the camera before really losing bladder control outdoors for you!


Scene Nine
Almost a TRUE event while Sinn Sage was signing autographs at the AVN awards and there was a big line of fans and photographers.  She was super desperate to pee!  She made it but what if circumstances were different and she had to wait that extra 10 mins?  Sinn totally pisses her pants at this pretend AVN Expo signing, in front of her best fan, you!


Scene Ten
Blond cheerleader Star is desperately holding her full bladder as her favorite TV show finishes.  Looking cute double crossing her legs in a full cheerleader uniform and white socks.  She stumbles to the toilet but before she pulls down her yellow cheer panties a huge stream of pee is gushing through them!  It’s a LOT of urine and a long pee!


Scene Eleven
Irish Lucky O’Shea locked out and super desperate as she calls her mom but she can’t hold on much longer.  Lots of crossed legs and crotch grabbing while looking cute and desperate!  She hobbles over to a wall and lets out a huge torrent of piss, splashing her legs and feet as she sighs in relief. She’s embaressed even more when mom comes.


Scene Twelve
You’re the plumber fixing the toilet and your client’s daughter comes home to find the bathroom un-operatable!  Well, you’re actually almost done but you lie and tell her you’re still working on it just to see her super hoppy pee pee dance!  She’s squirming and begging you to hurry but her piss starts cascading through her pants!


Scene Thirteen
Tori Bell is about to piss her tight panties while lost on the road and she does not think it’s funny because she needs to POOP too!  She can barely drive and she pulls over in desperation but she stumbles and starts wetting her panties!  It’s hissing out and spraying everywhere down her bare legs.  She shows her soaking wet panties!


Scene Fourteen
Amo hobbles into your apartment because she’s bursting into her skin tight jean overalls but the bathroom is occupied.  She’s practically begging for relief doing the sexy pee pee dance!  She gets to the toilet and can’t get out of the suit in time, peeing all over her hands as she’s grabbing her crotch tightly!  Huge torrents pee cascade down the tight denim!


Scene Fifteen
Bella JUST MADE IT!  She’s at an actor casting call waiting for her turn.  She is practicing her script but she can barely concentrate from her overfull bladder!  She’s crossing her legs and squirming for relief.  She can’t hold it and runs to the toilets, frantically wiggling out of her tight jeans and pissing loudly into the toilet super relieved!


Scene Sixteen
Kimberly Marvel woke up with a bursting bladder and rushes to the toilet only to see it occupied by her roomate!  She grabs her crotch in desperation as she tries to figure out what she can do!  She feels her pee starting to come so she hops on the sink and just lets loose a torrent of hot pee!  It’s splashing eveyrwhere and loudly too!


Behind the Scenes
See “after the fact” outtakes of the girls when they reflect on their scenes and change their clothes.  Listen to them describe what it was like to do their scenes.


Running Time: 136 minutes
Available on DVD
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