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I Need 2 Pee Video 31
You know you love it!  “I Need 2 Pee 31” features 16 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 130 minutes of delicious, sexy desperation scenes of beautiful girls wetting themselves for you!  Kimberly Marvel, Chloe Skyy, and Georgia from Patches’ Place are the new girls and they add to the wetting stimulation along with the regulars you have come to know in previous movies from INeed2Pee.  Enjoy over 2 hours of wetting on this DVD!


Scene One
Sexy Canadian Brookelynne Briar is locked out of her car and work since she set the alarm.   Her boss won’t be there for awhile and a nosy security guard is in the way of her peeing outside.  Her skintight pants give her a cameltoe and she does a mega desperation dance before pissing a huge gusher through her tight pants on to her suede shoes.


Scene Two
Amo is waiting for her friend’s ride to arrive but she’s super desperate to pee, wearing tan capri pants.  She’s struggling to keep it all in and stay dry but she starts spurting.  Before long she’s pissing herself on the bench outside while a trolley is rolling by!  Great behind the scenes showing pissed in panties and pants.


Scene Three
Kadie’s been recklessly driving, probably because she needs to pee so badly, but the cop doesn’t believe her and accuses her of smelling like booze.  She makes her do balance exercises and walk the line while they wait for the breathalizer.  She tries her best to hide her desperation but the wet spot on her crotch is growing very fast!


Scene Four
Imagine stuck in the parking elevator with a lovely sexy Kenna!  It’s obvioous she’s desperate.  As luck would have it, the elevator’s stuck and she’s holding her crotch doing the pee pee dance!  Oh you wish so bad she’ll lose bladder control!  Then it comes true when a gallon of pee is splashing down her legs!


Scene Five
Cheyenne meets Jassie outside the building bathrooms where they both need to desperately wait for it to be unoccupied!  They’re talking about how bad they need to piss when Cheyenne leaks a bit into her skintight white jeans!  Jassie can’t hold it and pisses her tan shorts which prompts Cheyenne to pee herself TWICE!  Watch them in the Behind The Scenes footage!


Scene Six
Kim stumbles home very tired and passes out with a full bladder that keeps filling as she sleeps on the couch!  All of a sudden her panties get wet and she’s streaming hot pee all over the couch and onto the floor, making loud splashing noises.  She wakes up groggily to soaking pissy wet panties and pee all over, how embaressing!


Scene Seven
You’re a plumber fixing a toilet and the owner’s college age daughter Sinn comes home, stumbling with legs together on verge of pissing her pants.  She’s horrified to see the toilet out of order and begs you to hurry up so she can relieve herself.  You work even slower to watch her desperation and she eventually soaks her pants!


Scene Eight
Cheyenne works at the dentist office and they’re short staffed the day before Christmas.  She’s bombarded with clients so she tries her best to hide her bursting full bladder and real desperation, but little do customers know, she’s leaking pee into her skin tight jeans until she turns around and you see the wet spot!  HUGE PISS gusher!


Scene Nine
Tori Bell is going goth for her interview at your local Hot Topic, not knowing that goth is totally out for the last 8 years.  She’s in black lipstick, a very unprofessional boob baring top and short skirt with panties and pantyhose underneath.  She’s doing the pee pee dance in her seat and she loses bladder control with her pee splashing loudly underneath her!


Scene Ten
Kenna knows you love seeing girls with full bladders and tight pants so she’s got on fullback panties plus tight cotton leggings crossing her legs, grabbing her crotch, telling you how her predicament feels.  Lots of pee pee dancing and gasping until she starts wetting herself!  It’s splashing down her legs and into the waste can underneath.


Scene Eleven
Cute innocent Chloe is stumbling up the stairwell trying to keep her Hooters outfit dry from pee!  What a day for the elevator to breakdown!  She grabs her crotch tightly and crosses her legs to hold on but the pressure is building so fast.  She gasps as pee is trickling through her shorts and onto her light pantyhose and shoes!


Scene Twelve
Chloe Skyy just wants to finish her yoga but her little bladder is too full!  She stumbles to the toilets to find it locked so she does the desperate pee pee dance but it’s leaking out into her spandex leotards!  She leaps onto the sink and pisses herself through her clothes.  She peels off her pissy leotards after and shows her wet panties!


Scene Thirteen
Beautiful curvy Kenna wakes up from being passed out and tied up.  She struggles to escape her bonds while doing the pee pee dance and trying to keep those cotton leggings and panties dry.  With much anticipation, piss is pouring through her thin panties and pants, splashing her feet.  It’s a LOT of pee cascading out plus nice Behind The Sscenes too.


Scene Fourteen
Redhead Tori Bell is so desperate to use the toilet as she gets into the elevator.  All of a sudden the elevator is stuck and she’s trying to remain calm and hold her bladder.  After some squirming you can hear the PEE splashing onto the floor and her pants are soaking pissy wet.  She’s so embaressed to have wet herself and changes.


Scene Fifteen
Curvy Kimberly Marvel is trying to get to the convention center from the hotel and she didn’t have time to use the bathroom since she’s running late.  She didn’t anticipate getting lost either!  She’s grabbing her crotch in public but she’s really gotta go!  It’s leaking into her dark grey leggings already!  What a relief as she wets herself loudly!


Scene Sixteen
Patches’ Place Georgia is TOO desperate to even wait for the line in this very realistic public jeans wetting scene.  She’s walking through a park in skin tight grey jeans and as soon as she sits on a rock, her waistband pushes into her bladder as she totally soaks her jeans out in full view.  She has to walk back to the car all wet!


Behind the Scenes
Listen to the girls as you watch them after their video shoot while they change out of their wet clothes!  They tell you about their experienes while doing their scenes.


Running Time: 130 minutes
Available on DVD
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