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I Need 2 Pee Video 28
You know you love it!  “I Need 2 Pee 28” features 15 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 132 minutes of very desperate girls getting very wet!  Brooklynne Briar is a new girl in this movie and provides the eye candy of a beautiful brunette losing control as she wets herself.  There is also an excellent variety of different types of scenes covering a range of outdoor and indoor locations.  Get your DVD today and enjoy the excitement of these beautiful girls leaking and gushing pee in their pants, shorts, panties, pantyhose, tights, and leotards!

Download the I Need 2 Pee 28 Trailer.  It runs almost 4 minutes and can be played on your Quicktime Player or VLC Media Player.


Scene One
Orias Bestat is a workout nut, so much that she ignores her aching bladder in the gym until it’s too late.  She’s struggling to not piss her leotards and tights in public.  She even gets lost on her way back to her hotel room and she’s already starting to spurt hot pee through her leotards, which really show up nicely against the light fabric.


Scene Two
Caroline Pierce and Sybil Hawthorne as store employee and her boss who both struggle together to keep their tight jeans and pants dry as their bathroom is being fixed.  Sybil forgot this was the day and has a hard time not leaking pee into her white pants.  Caroline’s floorgates just explode into her dark denim soaking her feet in shame!


Scene Three
Curvy Kenna Valentina is holding on to her bursting bladder in the car.  Wearing very skintight sexy spandex leggings with nice VPL, they show off her butt perfectly.  She yells to the driver that she can’t hold on any longer.  She stumbles out of car in high heels but before she can get her lycra down, she is pissing herself all over!


Scene Four
Brooklynne Briar is your new gym circuit trainer.  She’s going to demonstrate and walk you through, except she’s ready to burst and her coworker is MIA.  Watch the poor girl struggle as she demonstrates the workout machines while trying to keep her tight leggings and panties dry.  She is so embaressed when she starts peeing!


Scene Five
Cheyenne Jewel is prepping horses wearing her tightest horse riding denim jeans and black boots.  These are the actual jeans she likes to wear while riding, and they are SKIN TIGHT.  She wets them completely!


Scene Six
Louise is bursting for a pee but as soon as she stumbled into her apartment, her phone is ringing off the hook!  She grabs it and it’s her mom who’s crying and acting hysterical.  Being the good daughter she is, she tries to calm her mom while holding her bursting bladder as long as she can but she gasps as she starts pissing herself.  (This same scene appeared in I Need 2 Pee 27, scene 7.)


Scene Seven
This is one of the most natural scenes I have ever shot!  Sexy redhead Tori is very drunk and stumbling to get to her room but she’s having a hard time focussing and getting the key in.  By the time she gets in she simply can’t hold on and starts spurting through her white pants, making them see through!  Now the big pee flood begins.


Scene Eight
Cheyenne Jewel is bursting to go in this classic tale of being locked out of the house in her tight grey slacks.  Her breathing quickens as she’s doing the pee pee dance depserately trying to keep her urine off her panties and pants.  When she gasps and loses control, you can hear her pent up piss hissing out loudly making a big puddle!


Scene Nine
New blond Whitney Morgan returns again and in this shorts wetting clip, the desperation is 100% real.  We waited too long in between shooting and she’s already sweating as she tries to make it to the “cue” but she literally couldn’t wait another second since the toilet was right there behind her!  You see her nice pissy panty closeups afterwards.


Scene Ten
Sybil and her overflowing bladder just wants to finish work at the store and take out the garbage but her co-worker didn’t know she was outside and accidentally locked her out.  She tries to hobble around the complex to the front but she can’t hold her pee and spurts into her white jogging pants making them see through with a VPL!


Scene Eleven
Whitney Morgan is your real estate agent and she’s running late; no time to use the bathroom.  She’s trying to be professional and make this big sale while having a very full bladder.  It’s a very natural accidental wetting when she does lose control.  She is very embaressed as it runs down her pantyhose and legs into her shoes.  Whoops!


Scene Twelve
Amo Morbia is desperately clutching her crotch while hobbling up the stairs to try and make it to the toilets but she’s in agony by the time she stumbles in and her hot pee starts spurting out through her shorts.  Defeated, she plops down on the toilet and pisses through her panties and shorts while sighing with long relief.


Scene Thirteen
Orias Bestat drank the wrong last beverage in the fridge and boy does she have to pay... with soaking pissy shorts and undies!  She’s begging to be let in because the pee is begging to be let out of her bladder already.  She’s squirming and dancing around desperately but she ultimately wets her shorts and shows you her soaking pee panties.


Scene Fourteen
Girl next door Autumn does a fantastic scene where she’s desperate for the bathroom yet locked out, unlike her first scene where she wet the bed.  You can hear her depseration grow frantic and intense as she she does the pee pee dance.  But it’s coming out through her panties and streaming down her legs already... oopsies!


Scene Fifteen
Cheerleader Louise comes to your door wanting to hang out at your apartment until her mom comes home since she’s locked out.  She already needs to pee badly but she's trying to hide the fact.  Her hot pee starts flowing out and trailing down her legs as she gasps, so embaressed that she just wet her red thong panties and shoes!


Behind the Scenes
BTS - get to know the girls from ineed2pee and see them peeling off their pissy soaking wet panties and tight jeans while they say hi!


Running Time: 132 minutes
Available on DVD
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