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I Need 2 Pee Video 26
You know you love it!  “I Need 2 Pee 26” is called “Vol. 26 Already” and features 14 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 127 minutes of dripping wet scenes of young, sexy girls dealing with their full bladders when they can't get to a toilet in time!  Newcomers Cheyenne Jewel, Tori Bell, Lena Ramon, Sybil Hawthorne and Autumn Winters join the other girls from I Need 2 Pee to offer you over 2 hours of wetting accidents and intentional wetting.  These sexy, beautiful girls wet their tight jeans, leggings, shorts, panties, pantyhose, and costumes in a variety of indoor and outdoor public scenes.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 26 Trailer.  It runs 3 minutes and 45 seconds and can be played on your Quicktime Player or VLC Media Player.


Scene One
After the movie ends, Caroline and Ryan are talking about how much they drank and how they have been holding it for a long time.  Their bladders are about to burst!  They discover that they both enjoy the feeling of an overly full bladder and playing holding games.  Then Ryan unexpectedly loses control and wets herself in front of Caroline.  Then when Caroline trys to get a towel for Ryan, she loses control and wets herself too.


Scene Two
Ryan is very desperate for the relief that only a toilet can give her.  She’s already bursting so she’s trying her best to not leak as she waits for a bus to arrive.  Watch her grabbing herself, crossing her legs and bending over.  Eventually she loses it and starts pissing herself outside with pee splashing beneath her.


Scene Three
Cheyenne Jewel knows she should have used the toilet before her drive home but she didn’t anticipate a traffic jam.  She’s holding herself as she tries to drive home.  As soon as she gets out of the car she’s struggling to get in her house but pee starts streaming through her tight jeans and running down her slim legs as she cries out in shock!


Scene Four
Beautiful new redhead Tori Bell is waiting patiently at her Doctor’s office where she is scheduled for urine test.  Her Doctor is running late and she is left in the waiting room with her legs crossed tightly and biting her lips.  It is not long before she loses all control and pees her leggings and the carpet in shame.


Scene Five
Lena Ramon is wearing sheer pantyhose and white panties as she is ambushed by her nosy, annoying neighbor on her way into her house.  She’s already doing the pee pee dance but being the polite lady she is, she stops to talk while trying her best to hold it.  By the time she gets inside, she wets her pantyhose and panties before she can get to the bathroom!


Scene Six
Sybil Hawthorne is pressing her thighs tightly together as she hobbles down the street in her high rise tight jeans that show off her curves and waist very nicely!  It’s a classic early 90’s look that you may remember.  She does some intense crotch grabbing until she loses control and pees her pants in full view of cars!


Scene Seven
Kenna shows off her curves in a sexy tight Wonder Woman outfit with red corset and sheer pantyhose.  The shorts are extremely tight.  She’s bound tightly and struggling to get out!  It’s not often you see a superheroine bound and helpless, a slave to her increasing desperation and full bladder.  Escape?  Fail!  Hotness?  Definitely!


Scene Eight
Sexy Sybil Hawthorne is bursting for a pee in her super tight light jeans.  Instead of using the toilet she likes how a full bladder feels and loves seeing how long she can hold it before “accidentally” wetting herself.  Then it’s time to tease you with her pissy cotton panties, giving you a good close up view as she plays with herself.


Scene Nine
Lena Ramon has been stopped by the police (you) for suspected drunk driving.  She’s totally desperate too.  You see how badly she needs to pee but run a warrant check on her while making her do sobriety tests to see how long she can hold on.  Lena is wearing super tight light jeans with a VPL.


Scene Ten
Autumn Winters is fast asleep but she should not have had that big herbal tea before bed!  It was a new tea she bought that has mild diuretic properties but she didn’t read the ingredients.  She starts wetting her jeans and the nice white sheets underneath.  When she gets up she is embarrassed that she’s soaking wet.


Scene Eleven
Sybil Hawthorne is bent over and grabbing her crotch on the sidewalk, trying her best to keep her light leggings dry.  Any dampness will surely show on the light material.  How embarrassing that would be!  Well the second she opens the door she drops her bags in exhaustion and wets through her cotton panties and pants in relief.


Scene Twelve
Caroline is watching a horror movie and holding her pee while trying not to wet the couch and her jeans.  She knows it’s almost finished but doesn’t want to miss out on the big reveal at the end!  As the movie ends she sighs with relief but has to hobble to the bathroom keeping her legs tightly clamped.  She only makes it to the top of the stairs!


Scene Thirteen
Cheyenne Jewel just came to and immediately realized she’s tied up and has a super full bladder.  She’s struggling with her bonds, trying to call for help, and pressing her legs together so she doesn’t pee her pants!  It’s ready to leak out any moment.  She manages to open the bathroom door but it’s pouring down her legs and over her bare feet already!


Scene Fourteen
Lena Ramon and Caroline Pierce are in a race to get home to pee.  Carolyn is wearing white panties and sheer hose.  Lena is wearing white leggings with a very nice VPL.  They argue about who gets to go first and Lena blocks Caroline from the toilets.  Caroline can’t wait and pees her panties.  Next, Caroline sits on the toilet so Lena can’t use it.  Lena ends up wetting her panties and leggings!


Behind the Scenes
The I Need 2 Pee girls like to show you their wet panties while they are changing after a scene and tell you about their experience during the scene.  You get a candid insight about what it is like for each of the girls.


Running Time: 127 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
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