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I Need 2 Pee Video 24
You know you love it!  I Need 2 Pee 24 is called “Wet n Wild” and features 13 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 122 minutes of sexy beautiful girls wetting their pants!  Amo Morbia, Lola Lynn, Bridgett Lee and fetish model Orias Bastet are new girls in this movie and they offer very sexy performances while wetting their jeans.  Many of the regulars from I Need 2 Pee return to give you over 2 hours of wetting enjoyment.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 24 Trailer.  This longer MP4 trailer runs almost 3 and a half minutes and can be played on your Quicktime Player.


Scene One
What a combo: Siren Thorn and Galas in a broken elevator with very full aching bladders!  Siren was so desperate, she started wetting uncontrollably almost right away.  But Galas tries her best to not piss her blue jeans.  Enjoy!


Scene Two
A sexy bedwetting scene with Siren Thorn as a sleeping beauty where she soaks her grey leggings and pink cotton panties.  She discovers she likes how it feels and continues wetting her panties while rubbing her pissy clothes in bed!


Scene Three
New model Amo Morbia has been filling her bladder drinking loads of water and holding it for you!  Listen to her talk to you in her sexy, sultry, low voice!  Watch her desperate pee pee dance until she loses control and completely wets her blue jeans loudly!  Yes, you can hear the hissing as she pisses!


Scene Four
Blond Galas is being a good friend and comforting her BFF, trying to console her from her breakup.  She’s trying to hide her despration, crossing her legs tight and grabbing her crotch before the inevitable happens!  She wets herself on the hotel patio!


Scene Five
Kenna Valentina is dying for the toilets on her drive home from work and she’s constantly grabbing her crotch so she doesn’t leak onto her leather car seats.  She hobbles into her apartment and barely makes it before exploding through her panties and pantyhose!


Scene Six
High end real estate agent Lola Lynn is showing a mansion to Kenna Valentina and her husband (you). The owner won’t give up the keys so you’re all locked out and Kenna just can’t hold it in!  Lola Lynn tries to hide her desperation until she wets her panties!


Scene Seven
On our way to a concert, Kenna Valentina realized she should have emptied her bladder before leaving.  She tries her best to contain her bursting bladder but it’s starting to leak out all over her pants and the car seats.  How embaressing!


Scene Eight
Follow blond Selena as she struggles with her bursting bladder outside in the hot sun.  It's a race against time but she loses total control and starts wetting her shorts outside!  She has to walk back to the room all wet and then shows you her panties.


Scene Nine
You’re holding an interview fair and it’s been uneventful until it’s your turn to interview asian hottie Dragonlily.  Fortunately for you, she was running late and didn’t have time to find the toilet.  You get to witness her nice white panty pissing accidental wetting.


Scene Ten
Kenna Valentina is sitting crossed legged, wearing panties and pantyhose, for a night school painting class.  She’s got an overly full bursting bladder so she’s gingerly waiting for class to be over but she doesn’t make it and wets her pantyhose!


Scene Eleven
Meet fetish model Orias Bastet doing her first ever wetting scene!  She tells a great desperation story outside while, not coincidentally, is very desperate to pee!  She makes the mad rush to get back into the hotel room but the door is locked and she can’t hold on!


Scene Twelve
Poor Moana Lott; the robbers tied her up after taking her casino winnings in her hotel room.  They tied her so she can’t call the cops while they make their escape.  The good news is, she’s bursting for the toilets and she’s pissing her panties already!


Scene Thirteen
Sexy MILF Arianna is playing bladder holding games with her friend Bridgett Lee while both are wearing jeans.  They endure running water, tickling, push ups and more all on a full bladder!  Bridgett got pee shy at the end and could not wet herself even though she was bursting!


Behind the Scenes
Watch short clips of the girls after their video shoot showing off their pissy wet panties and talking about their experiences.


Running Time: 122 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
NOTE: NTSC format DVDs will play on most PAL DVD players in countries that use PAL format.
This DVD may have a problem with the audio being out of sync with the video.  The problem does not affect everyone.  We have not seen this problem on our computers or DVD players nor have most customers but several customers have reported this problem after buying this DVD.  We will replace any defective DVDs when we have new masters but this is unlikely to happen in 2012 because the original camera tapes are in a remote location.  You have been warned that you may or may not experience this audio problem when playing it on your equipment!
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