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I Need 2 Pee Video 20
You know you love it!  “I Need 2 Pee 20” features 12 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 105 minutes of very desperate girls wetting their pants!  See newcomers Lily Anna, Vicki, Siren, Kadie, Karinne and Sylence along with returning regulars in a variety of desperate situations as they lose control and pee themselves!

Download the I Need 2 Pee 20 Trailer.  This new, longer MP4 trailer runs almost 3 minutes and can be played on your Quicktime Player.


Scene One
You’re walking with adorable cheerleader Lily Anna from your school and she’s obviously desperate for a pee!  The elevator is broken so it’s a long trek upstairs, full of leg crossing, crotch grabbing and pissy soaked panties at the end!


Scene Two
Vicki and Bella are having a pee holding contest for the last sorority spot during hazing week.  As the last two contenders, they need to try their best to put the clamp down on their bursting bladders.  The last one to NOT wet gets the spot!


Scene Three
Siren just got off work in her Hooters uniform but is locked out of her place so she's waiting at your place for now.  You get an upclose look at her increasing pee desperation and frantic crotch grabbing before she loses bladder control.


Scene Four
Kadie almost made it to her hotel room, trying not to piss her tight cotton leggings, when her boss stops her to talk about the impending meeting tomorrow.  Kadie does the pee pee dance desperately before she loses control!


Scene Five
Sexy busty MILF Arianna Labarbara is back, in skintight slim jeans and a busting bladder.  She’s been holding it a long time just for you, because it turns her on to be on the brink of a real uncontrollable accident.  It ends with some very soaked jeans!


Scene Six
Cute Lily Anna is in her early 20’s and playing the role of ditzy blonde getting interviewed for a job, trying to contain her bursting bladder and keeping her pee desperation hidden.  But it’s too late and she’s pissing her pants in front of the potential boss!


Scene Seven
It’s the old hand in warm water trick that Bella plays on Lily Anna for leaving the party early.  Before long Lily Anna is pissing her panties and soaking the bed, waking up and finishing in the toilet.  Don’t think Bella, in pantyhose, is getting out of it without payback!


Scene Eight
Sylence is outside comforting her girlfriend who is hysterical and just had a fight with her BF.  Being a good friend, she tries to hide her immense desperation to pee to listen to her friend.  But she can't hold it and pisses her shorts outside by the pool deck.


Scene Nine
All Vicki has to do is get from her car, where she already had a very desperate drive, back to her apartment and onto the toilet!  How hard can that be?  Well we'll soon find out as we watch her desperate sighs and crotch grabbing until the wet ending!


Scene Ten
Karinne and you are breaking into her EX’s house to find some papers but the EX comes home unexpectantly so you both hide in the bathtub!  Karinne is so desperate to pee but she must be silent and endure the desperation... but it’s too late!


Scene Eleven
Ebony hottie Abernathy has waited too long to use the bathroom AGAIN and her bladder is bursting for relief.  She gets lost in the complex trying to find the bathroom and starts spurting pee out in her panties, in public!


Scene Twelve
Gummi is getting interviewed for a sexy waitressing position at a restaurant but she was running late and didn’t have time to use the bathroom.  The whole while, she is squirming under her seat, grabbing her crotch until she pisses herself!


Behind the Scenes
Several behind-the-scenes outtakes provide interesting insights.  Several of the girls change out of their wet clothes after their scene is done and they love to show their wet panties!


Running Time: 105 minutes
Available on DVD
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