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I Need 2 Pee Video 19
You know you love it!  “I Need 2 Pee 19” features 12 scenes plus a bonus scene plus behind-the-scenes footage in 2 hours and 2 minutes of very sexy girls in desperate situations wetting themselves!  See newcomers Gummi and Livvy Rose along with returning regulars in their desperate attempts to hold their pee (without success)!


Scene One
You've seen teen Kelli with Abernathy but here she is on her own, waiting at the busstop and very desperate to pee!  She is crossing her legs, cupping her full bladder and looking very worried, especially since it's a pretty main road.  Nice upskirt shots up her blue dress before she loses bladder control.  Also behind scenes showing her pissy panties.


Scene Two
Moana Lott is pissed off that her friend Gummi passed out early during a girls trip!  She pranks her wtih the old hand in water trick, which causes her to totally piss the bed and her blue pants.  Gummi is so upset about the prank that Moana decides the only way to comfort her is to wet her red shorts on purpose!


Scene Three
We go outside for a cigarette and meet sexy Ryan, also smoking.  We make small talk and it seems like she digs us; Ryan is wearing white leggings with a nice VPL (visible panty line).  She's flirting with us but when we get up to go my friend starts tickling her and all of a sudden she starts pissing her pants right in front of us!  She's totally soaking pissy wet.


Scene Four
The very sexy Tia Ling is back and this time the robbers have left her tied up as they make their escape.  The poor girl is on the verge of pissing her white pants but she tries her best to hold it in while trying to get her cell phone out of her purse to call for help.  It's an unfortunate losing battle though and Tia will end up pissy and wet again!


Scene Five
It's blonde Tabitha and this time she's locked out on a big hotel balcony by the cleaning crew.  There's a big party in the courtyard but they don't notice her waving and yelling.  Her bladder is bursting and she's trying her best to hold it and doing the pee pee dance but not TOO obvious.  Oh no, she's wetting her panties!


Scene Six
Abernathy is checking into the hotel and already crossing her legs tightly at the front counter.  In the elevator she's grabbing her crotch tightly, but it doesn't help that she got off on the wrong floor.  Pissy soaked jeans with bonus wet story!


Scene Seven
Teen Kelli is wandering around the hotel trying her keycard in different slots with no luck.  Her bladder is so full she can't even make it to the end of the shoot!  Stumbling in desperation and grabbing her crotch, she starts spurting uncontrollably through her panties and leggings onto her bare legs.


Scene Eight
Oh no!  Moana Lott and Gummi are both squiffy and extremely giggly.  Goal: get to their room before their bladders explode and they piss themselves in public.  Do they make it?  Yes and NO because they still ended up with pissy wet pants!


Scene Nine
Meet “alt” hottie Livvy Rose, and today she's come home with a super full bladder, wearing tight blue jeans.  She talks about how her full bladder feels and does the pee pee dance for you before she has fun letting loose and pissing her jeans!


Scene Ten
Ryan is left tied up in the hotel room and she really needs to pee so badly!  She's hoping the hotel cleaners will hear her yelling for help, as she's trying to contain her overly full bladder but it's already too late and she's pissing herself!


Scene Eleven
Your neighbhor down the hall locked her sexy self out so she comes in to use your bathroom but your roommate is in there showering.  She does the pee pee dance in front of you, holding on before the big pissy flood of pee soaking herself!


Scene Twelve
Mandy is desperate to pee when shes getting a ride to her hotel.  The driver seems to hit every bump on the way which makes her bladder want to explode.  As soon as she arrives to the entrance she speed walks to the elevator thinking she's going to make it to her room.  She gets in the elevator but can't hold it in any longer and leaks all over the floor!  How embarassing!


Bonus Scene
Poor Nikki, she is sleeping in her room when her friend decides to play a prank on her.  He puts her hand in a bowl with warm water.  Watch her wake up desperate to use the bathroom but her drawstring is stuck and she pisses through her green cotton shorts over the toilet so you can hear it splashing loudly into the water below.  This bonus scene is scene 11 from I Need 2 Pee 17.


Behind the Scenes
Several behind-the-scenes outtakes provide bonus material.  You get to see several of the girls changing out of their wet clothes after a scene is done.


Running Time: 122 minutes
Available on DVD
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