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HD Wetting Live - Episode 1
Alisha and Sosha star in a live broadcast from HD Wetting where viewers can interact with the girls in real time and the girls can take requests from those who are watching.  This DVD shows the first hour and 36 minutes from the first show that HD Wetting broadcast.  Future DVDs in this series will present future shows that have been broadcast to viewers.


First Segment of Live Broadcast
Alisha and Sosha take requests from the viewers during this live show that was streamed from HD Wetting.  Alisha wet herself twice while Sosha responded to a viewer’s challenge to “hold it.”


Sosha’s Selfies
To provide a brief break so the girls can get more to drink, the live broadcast switches to a series of still camera shots that Sosha took of herself at an earlier time.  She is masturbating and wetting her panties as she makes a photographic record of her activities to share with you.


Second Segment of Live Broadcast
Viewers request that Alisha and Sosha make out with each other.  The girls are only too happy to comply with this request and quickly start to hug and kiss each other.  Alisha knows how desperate Sosha is getting because of all the liquids she has consumed and because she has not peed yet.  Alsiha decides to push Sosha toward wetting herself before the imposed deadline for getting permission to pee.  She stands in front of Sosha in just her panties and pees which now drives Sosha crazy!  Still, Sosha continues to maintain control and not wet herself yet.  When the time finally elapses giving Sosha permission to pee, she stands up to pee in her shorts and has been holding so long that she cannot release her pee even though she is in pain.  Finally, the flood starts and after the damn is broken, there is no holding back!


Third Segment of Live Broadcast
The last segment of this episode shows Alisha and Sosha after they have retired to the bedroom.  There is no sleeping for these girls as they immediately start making out with each other again.  Alisha starts undressing Sosha as she plays with her breasts and kisses her passionately.  Alisha needs to pee again so she stands over Sosha to soak her PJ bottoms plus the bed.  Sosha gets turned on by the experience and starts playing with herself while Alisha watches.  Alisha starts playing with Sosha’s breasts while Sosha gets herself off to a satisfying climax.


Running Time: 96 minutes
$50 on DVD
Available on DVD in PAL or NTSC format.
This video will also be available for download soon.
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